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Denture Services

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in the Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, Bradenton area? 


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Dr. Kennedy’s office offers full service denture treatment.  We offer extractions and immediate denture placement for those who need it.

At Kennedy Dental we can offer immediate denture treatment, which includes removal of all your non-restorable teeth, fabricating an immediate denture, and monitoring the healing of the mouth for considerations of implants if the patient desires to consider implants as a final option.  All of the treatment can be completed in our office by Dr. Kennedy.

For patients that have existing dentures we can evaluate your current denture to see if you would benefit from the fabrication of a new denture for better fit, function, and appearance.  Dentures tend to wear out over time and we can offer new dentures for patients seeking a better fit or improved esthetics.  Generally speaking, most dentures should probably be replaced every 5-10 years.  We also offer partial denture treatment for patients that have some teeth that can be restored or saved.

For patients that still have teeth and need extractions prior to dentures.

For patients that already have teeth and are considering the option of dentures (false teeth) the decision to do so can be life changing and challenging.


At Kennedy Dental we will evaluate your mouth and determine which teeth, if any, are able to be restored or saved. After thorough discussion with Dr. Kennedy and his staff, a patient may choose to have their remaining teeth removed and proceed with dentures.

Treatment Overview

1. Impressions.  Prior to removing any teeth, we will take impressions of the mouth so that molds can be fabricated for the production of an immediate denture by a laboratory.  Patients will choose the shade or color of their new teeth at this stage.  The laboratory will return a new denture to our office so that the next stage can be completed.

2. Extractions.  An appointment will be made and coordinated so that we have the immediate, new denture back from the laboratory.  This allows the teeth to be removed and a denture placed in the mouth in the same visit.  Patients do not need to leave the office without having the appearance of teeth.

3. Follow-up and Monitoring.  Adjustments of the new denture should be expected frequently in the weeks after treatment.  A suture removal appointment will be done if sutures were placed.  Gum and bone tissue will heal and shrink quickly over the next 6 months and several adjustments may be needed.

4. Reline, New Denture, Implants.  After healing, many patients will notice that their immediate denture is loose and does not fit well.  This is a normal occurrence and happens because the jaw bone and gum tissue shrink after the teeth have been removed.  Many patients will consider having a new, better fitting, more customized denture fabricated at approximately 6 months after the teeth are removed.  Some patients are happy with the look of their immediate denture and desire to have a lab reline done to allow the immediate denture to fit more tightly.  Many patients will become interested in the placement of dental implants to anchor their dentures.   Dental Implants may allow the dentures to function more like real teeth.  Dental implant treatment options can be discussed, and an appointment can be made with Dr. Kennedy to have implants placed by him, at our office.

Some of Dr. Kennedy's patients will elect to stabilize their dentures with dental implants.  The most common technique is to have a hybrid implant denture fabricated by Dr. Kennedy to fit over dental implants to hold them in place.  A hybrid implant denture can be fabricated from solid porcelain-zirconia.  Zirconia material allows for maximum strength and resistance to fracturing and chipping.  A hybrid implant denture is also fabricated without the palatal part of the denture, so that patient's who are concerned with gagging and losing the ability taste food can have more comfort.  Hybrid implant dentures are also permanently secured to the mouth and are not removed by the patient.  To learn more about hybrid dentures, click here.

Looking for dentures in the

Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, Bradenton area? 


Call Kennedy Dental for an appointment today at (941)351-9900.

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